As the year is coming to an end it’s important that we prepare and we are ready for the next year. It’s important and advisable to plan for the following year at the end of this year. 2020 came with all the surprises, from the Australian bushfires to the covid 19 pandemic, We also had other events like the stock market crashing, Notable celebrities like Chadwick Boseman, and Kobe Bryant dying.

At the same time, we saw people take the streets to protest and contend for their rights, such as the Black Lives Matter protest everywhere and also the Endsars protest here in Nigeria.

All this is to say that even though you cannot predict what will happen in the future we should be always prepared so as not to be adversely affected by such unforeseen events.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the New Year;
1. Make a plan
The first thing as we gradually round up the year is to create a plan for yourself regarding different areas of your life. For example, you can create a plan on how you want to manage your finances, or how you want to go about managing your health. You can list out the necessary steps that you need to take in other to achieve any item on your plan. The saying goes thus “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”, so it’s most important that you have a plan and you set milestones for your plan.
2. Don’t just set goals, write them down
As cliché as that sounds a lot of persons just set goals but do not write them down. Writing your goals for the New Year can help you to look back from time to time and check them off when any of these goals or objectives have been achieved.
3. Be intentional
A lot of people start the New Year with so-called New Year resolutions but end up not fulfilling any, this is because people are not as intentional about their resolutions. Creating intentions and also writing them can go a long way in helping you structure your activities for the year; so go into 2021 being intentional about all you have written down.
4. Develop a specific routine
We might not be kids anymore or under order to follow a particular rule but you must develop a good daily routine that can help you stay refreshed and healthy. Apart from the fact that it creates structure in your life, it can also help you become more efficient by reducing your everyday decision to some daily events, It also saves you valuable time and resources, by following a routine you free up time for you to get done with more important tasks. There are a lot of benefits of routine, hence the reason you need to schedule a routine plan for yourself.
5. Treat Yourself
Like we always say “I cannot come and kill myself”. We are so busy trying to get everything done that we forget to give ourselves time and space to reboot or rethink or even rest. Make time at the end of this year and also as you enter the new year to reward yourself, you have worked hard enough it’s time to treat yourself to self-care. It could be traveling out or visiting the hospital for a check-up or going to the spar to have a wonderful time; anyone you choose, the goal is to take out time for yourself and your mental health.
6. Get a healthcare plan
Treating yourself right also includes getting a healthcare plan for you or your family. 2020 has taught us a lot about medical emergencies and mishaps. We had persons die of various diseases or ailments. No one plans to get sick or hurt but the truth is you or your family will need medical support at some point and the best way to get these expenses sorted without having to break the bank is to have a health insurance plan. The good news is that with our product Healthstart  you can get access to multiple health insurance plans at your fingertips.
In conclusion, the best way to make the most out of the coming year is to intentionally plan and follow through with your plans while ensuring you take good care of yourself.

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