Your HMO Can reach it’s Full Potential with the right solution

We are a group of professionals concerned with the success or your HMO or Hospital and we pride ourselves in coming up with solution for healthcare providers and health maintenance organizations with the right softwares, mobile application and APIs.


In this age of easy access to the internet, web applications help hospitals interface with HMOs quickly and efficiently. Do away with paper submissions and complex excel templates using our provider portal to do the following;

  • Submit Claims online
  • Request for pre-authorization
  • Track claims processing and payment in real time
  • Check benefits of enrollee plans
  • Confirm eligibility/ enrollee presence


Already have an EMR or HIS software? You can use Medicloud API Services to;

  • Confirm enrollee eligibility directly from EMR software
  • Submit claims to HMO directly from EMR software
  • Request and track pre-authorization request
  • Check benefits of enrollee plans
  • Confirm plan benefits
  • Other features


Personalize the interaction with patients using our notification services for;

  • E-Mail/SMS notification of appointment date/time
  • E-Mail/SMS prompt for laboratory/radiology results
  • E-mail/SMS reminder for drug refills (patients on chronic medications)
  • Notification (and reminders) to consultants for clinics (internal and external)
  • Other custom notification request

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