Using Technology to Create Better Care Delivery

Our Electronic Medical Record(EMR) System is developed based on clearly deciphered needs of healthcare service providers and receivers. Kindly scroll down to learn more about our solutions and how they might be of help to you and your organization.

  • Seamlessly schedule and manage procedures
  • Easily manage patient files and events
  • Easily code all diagnoses in alignment with global standards
  • Easily create and share patient treatment schedule with staff
  • Get real time updates about events happening in the hospital

  • Automate workflow
  • Manage and Generate reports
  • Manage appointment booking
  • Easily integrate HMO profiles
  • Analyse and manage Patient drug requests
  • Manage staff profile and access

  • Seamlessly determine patient eligibility, code claims for optimal payment, and track claims and payments with ease.
  • Easily integrate EMR with your accounting software
  • Easily manage capitative services.
  • Provide multiple ways for your patients to make payment.
  • Easily manage capitative services.

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